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  • Pura~Safe triple water Purification system (TWPS) eliminate the contaminant such as taste, odor, organic chemical, chlorine bacteria, virus and others pollutants. The results of Pura~Safe is purest, clean clear, good tasting disinfected and most delicious drinking water.

  • Pura~Safe has broad knowledge and experience such as

    • Whole house filtration system.
    • Domestic water purification system and uv-sterilization system.
    • Industrial and commercial equipment sand filter, Carbon filter,
    • water softener, De-1plant and Reverse Osmosis (R.O) system.
    • Mineral water plant.
    • Ozone generator.
    • Main line water purification systems.
    • Water treatment chemical.
    • Swimming pool equipment and pool chemical.
    • All types of filter cartridges. (Local and Imported)


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    Address: Defence Phase-V Extension, D.H.A.,Karachi. Contact No: +92-301-2268384. E-mail: info@purasafe.com
    Contact to Mr. Abdul Karim, Mobile: +92-333-2239650, E-mail: abdulkarim@purasafe.com